Abundance By Design: The Summit

As we continue to self-isolate in today’s times, we must be careful not to isolate or extinguish our ideas, thoughts and creativity.

It has never been more important for like-minded individuals to come together and to share, collaborate and inspire. For that reason, Galiatea is excited to announce the inaugural virtual summit,  Abundance By Design: How to optimize your space to thrive mentally, physically and financially on October 30-31, 2020. This completely online event is free to attend, with options to upgrade for even more and ongoing value and benefit.

Galiatea is pleased that speakers are joining this virtual event, and share the belief that we must do what we can to carry on collaborating at this critical time. Each day attendees will hear from speakers with diverse areas of expertise such as design professionals, individuals from the legal and business fields and healthcare professionals. The two-day event will be held completely online so that attendees can conveniently participate from anywhere they have access to a computer and the internet.

Why the Abundance By Design Summit is essential viewing:

  • It’s free for all to join: In such a difficult time, Galiatea wants to create an environment where individuals from all walks of life come together to listen to industry experts and share thoughts on how to live abundantly and create success in all we do. And, anyone who registers can listen live and get the full benefit of what these experts have to share. Galiatea also recognizes that individuals may not be able to watch the entire Summit live. There is the opportunity to watch replays, and even more ways to experience the Summit on each individual’s terms, for a nominal additional fee through the ALL-ACCESS PASS.
  • A speaking panel unmatched with a wide variety of expertise: Attendees will learn from 15+ speakers with informative and engaging presentations and, in a few keynotes, Q&A. Attendees will see hours of live and on-demand content, including exclusive presentations from David Rattner, Darla DeMorrow, Kelley Keller and many more.
  • The summit is designed for all: Content is designed for those who know little about a subject matter to those who know a lot and are just looking for a refresher or another perspective.
  • Connect with individuals around the world: Without the constraints of geography, attendees from across the globe will come together to learn, collaborate and be inspired. All from the comforts of wherever individuals are, at work or at home.

"Given the current environment, we are excited to bring the Abundance By Design Summit to a large and diverse audience of individuals who are working from home," said Sophia Clark, CEO and founder of Galiatea, Inc. "We want to bring together expert speakers and engaging content to create an impactful event. We’re excited to directly connect people who can’t travel now, and our presenters can still share their insights with these interested parties."

Galiatea has hand-picked the individuals who will lead each session. These speakers were chosen because of their reputation and expertise in specific topics and are also individuals who will make this virtual summit as empowering, informative and enlightening as possible.

During the Abundance By Design Virtual Summit, speakers will share proven advice on how to create abundance in their lives in a wide variety of ways. Summit attendees will walk away with tips on how to gain insights from topics such as the effect of organization on productivity to being authentic in business and life to the impact of mindset on health, organization and even the ability to create abundance in our lives...and so much more.

The Abundance By Design Summit is free to attend, with the opportunity to upgrade for even more viewing options and benefits.

Attendees need to register in advance at this link. Registration is currently open.

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Bonita Hughes

I missed this summit, but am very interested in it. Do you have recordings available?

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