Bring Joy Into Home Style With This Holiday Special From Galiatea!

Can we admit 2020 has been a rough one? That’s why this year, of all years, I think we all need to snuggle up and seek comfort in some holiday favorites — favorites like:

  • The look in a child’s eye on Christmas morning

  • The joy of singing your favorite carol

  • Spending hours lounging and watching Holiday movies

  • Staying warm wrapped in that favorite throw

Treat your favorites to their favorites for the holidays. Christmas is just around the corner. It's a time of joy and happiness and a time for special offers - Don't miss a chance to get in on this special offer from Galiatea.

From now until the end of the year, for every throw you purchase from The Galiatea Collection, you are entered into a giveaway – a $300 Travel Savings Card, that can be used for hotel stays in more than 1 million hotels and resorts with top brands that you trust from across the globe; car rentals in more than 8,000 nationwide locations; and thousands of excursion/ vacation activities.

Fun Fact: Christmas travel ranks up more miles, on average, than travel during any other time of the year. Even with travelers pushing further from home during the holiday season, it is estimated that 99% of holiday travel remains domestic during Christmas.

What better way to spend a weekend morning than snuggled under a comfortable throw! Who doesn’t love wrapping up with a nice, warm and cozy cover-up on the couch, especially as we move into the colder seasons? Throws are practical and stylish, serving as both a sophisticated home decor element as well as a comfortable blanket


Fun Fact: In Japan, Christmas is the “Festival of Love”. It is not uncommon to see couples spending a romantic evening together, while singles will be looking for that ideal love partner.

And, this is the perfect time of year to incorporate touches that reflect the change in season into a room's decor. Check out the many amazing throws available in The Galiatea Collection, particularly those made with alpaca fur and the newly-added chunky throws.⁠

Looking for that one-of-a-kind gift? Items in The Galiatea Collection are unique and are all created by artisans who handcraft each piece using locally sourced materials and whose skills are passed down for generations. We are grateful for all of our artisans and the part we play in preserving their cultures and heritage through purchases from The Galiatea Collection. Adding one of these items into your own home, or as a gift for someone special, allows you to include a piece that that will be cherished for years to come because it holds a story and a soul.⁠

Give the gift of handmade! This time of year, a throw is the best gift choice, no matter who you're buying for. It feels like a splurge but, in reality, throws are very useful and can add that perfect added touch to a room's decor.

Fun Fact: It’s summer in Brazil during Christmas. Santa wears a lighter suit and gives out gifts using a ladder or trampoline, rather than a sleigh, to get to each home.

Bring out your inner Santa! Take advantage of this Holiday Special from Galiatea, exclusively offered to our customers who we so appreciate. Pick a throw that has the perfect look and feel for you or that special someone. Added bonus: the way comfort and style combine to make these popular accessory pieces favorites no matter what time of year. Then be entered to win the Travel Savings Card. Use it for travel this Holiday Season, or if taking a getaway after the frenzy of the Holidays. You can't go wrong!

Fun Fact: Santa Claus initially wore clothes with the colors of green, purple, or blue. However, Coca Cola decided to dress the jolly old man at the North Pole up in colors that match its brand. That is why Santa is always in red clothes now!

Happy Holidays! Wishing you and your family a special season of good tidings. We hope even your smallest Holiday moment feels super big, particularly this year.

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