Do Good and Make Money Super Summit

Sophia Clark, Founder & Creative Director of Galiatea, has been invited to speak at the Do Good and Make Money Super Summit. The digital conference kicks off on Monday, February 1st at 11am ET, and Sophia is the first of an amazing panel of 75 industry leaders throughout the 8-day summit.

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In her talk as part of the Power of Purpose Track on day one, Sophia will walk attendees step by step through her proven 7 step process which includes: 1. have a vision for your life and what you want to achieve 2. identify what is the problem you see 3. identify. what is the solution that can be provided 4. identify how you can provide the solution 5. leverage other people's audiences to build your buyers list and credibility 6. craft the offer 7. over deliver in value

Sophia and these 75+ World Class Entrepreneurs and Nonprofit Leaders will share actionable ideas and insights on how to start, grow and scale businesses and their impact. The summit offers Four Tracks each day so that attendees can completely customize their summit experience and watch the sessions that will help them most right now:

#1 - Starting Your Venture

#2 - Your First $100,000

#3 - Your First Million

#4 - Scaling To Eight Figures

Each day these Experts will share their best ideas on the topic of the day: Power of Purpose, Lead Generation, Lead Conversion, Systems, Money Mastery, Leadership & Strategy, Abundant Life, and Right People - Spectacular Results. And each day there will be a panel of subject matter experts who share their best insights live with Q and A.

Like so many of the Experts, Sophia will be giving away a free gift with her presentation: Social Impact Entrepreneur Toolkit. As entrepreneurs, you learn to use tools to automate your tasks and maximize your efficiency. In this toolkit attendees will have all the tried and true resources used to build a digital brand so they can be a true Social Impact Entrepreneur. This is a great resource and will allow you to save time to do the things you love and change the world!

Whether you're looking to acquire new customers, improve your blogging strategy or be a better leader, this summit has you covered. Those who register for the summit are entered to win their choice of one of three $10,000 Scholarships to their most popular Programs.

#1 - Game Changer Program Academy (Let us coach you to create, blueprint, validate and sell your first (or next) High Ticket Program That Guarantees Results for your Clients. )

#2 - Six Figure Referral Program Academy (Give Us 120 Days & We’ll Help You Add Six Figures To Your Business, Accelerating Word-Of-Mouth Marketing!!)

#3 - Strategic Alliance Mastery Program Academy (Give Us 120 Days & We’ll Help You Master the Art & Science of Strategic Alliances & Joint Ventures).

All courtesy of the Entrepreneur Empowerment Institute and each Speaker.

What makes the Do Good and Make Money Super Summit different? And why did Sophia jump in at the chance to join these Experts and make a difference? The first big difference attendees will notice is that there are four separate Tracks or paths to follow. These are based on where you and your business or nonprofit is right now:

  • Starting Your Venture;

  • Your First $100,000;

  • Your first Million; or

  • Scaling to Eight Figures.

Second big difference, these speakers span eight different pillars of entrepreneurial life:

  • Day One: Power of Purpose

  • Day Two: Lead Generation

  • Day Three: Lead Conversion

  • Day Four Systems

  • Day Five: Money Mastery

  • Day Six: Leadership & Strategy

  • Day Seven: Abundant Life

  • Day Eight: Right People, Spectacular Results

Eight days, one topic each day. This means you can easily invest time on the days that matter most to you now.

And the third big difference is the street-tested speakers and panelists all align with the summit’s mission and belief that you can do good and make money at the same time. It’s not just about making money. And it's not just about doing good. Both can be done at the same time and this summit shows you how!

The best part is: attending the Do Good and Make Money Super Summit is absolutely free!

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Sure, the summit offers a lot of content to absorb and, though you may want to catch each and every Track, life does get in the way. Attendees can gain complimentary access to the recordings through referring others to join this awesome event.

And summit organizers have decided to dedicate 100% of the net proceeds of this summit to two of their nonprofits, the Impact Igniters Foundation and the Entrepreneur Empowerment Institute.

Register now and join Sophia for the first presentation of the Do Good and Make Money Super Summit, and then stick around for amazing presentations during all eight days that deliver on ways to Do Good and Make Money!

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