Episode 12: Interview with Amanda Gibby Peters


Feng Shui is a practice that prioritizes the energy of our surroundings in specific ways. Under its influence, we attract and hold onto chi that supports our happiness and well-being. Think of it as home improvement-meets-self empowerment! So, what you can expect in the pages ahead? There are 365 prompts. One for every day of the year. However, these aren’t specific to the time of year or prescribed in a specific order. All the suggestions are more of a grab-and-go, so have fun! Some are straightforward Feng Shui: do this; don’t do that. Some focus on chi (energy) enhancers because all of us deserve an entourage of encouragement. Some spotlight the 5 Chinese Elements – Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water – and how they influence our behavior and feelings. Some are straight up motivational. Not every day will feel like a "shui" day. These will be the connective tissue to keep you in the game while you take a break. Some talk about clutter. Clutter is resistance, which means you need to clear it for the magic of shui to have any sway! And some are dedicated to space clearing — a form of energetic cleaning. These tips are like a greatest hits’ compilation, mindfully gathered from all my studies as well as the clients I’ve been blessed to work with along their journeys. What we experience in life is often reflected energetically in our surroundings. And when we change what’s happening around us in a positive way, we reconfigure what happens in our lives as well — one day at a time! SHOP NOW

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