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There are artisans from all around the world who do not have the privilege of showcasing their work in tradeshows like Salone del Mobile, but their craftsmanship, techniques and use of exotic materials are just as valuable and beautiful… their work has a soul, a uniqueness that is so specific to handcrafted pieces. Sadly, with the rise of mass production and cutting costs to increase profits, we are slowly losing these artisans’ gifts and few get to admire their talents.

We believe that there is a thirst in the world for what is authentic and unique, and because of that the work of those artisans from all over the world should be represented in the furniture and decorative accessory market. We feel that their traditional techniques combined with contemporary designs can be the next movement in sustainable luxury design.

From a love of Mother Earth (Gaia) and passion for beauty (Galatea, the muse of art created by Pygmalion as the perfect woman and the representation of the perfect work of art), GALIATEA was created, a fusion of cultures and styles. The whole basis for the company is to shine a light on the various types of craftsmanship currently not valued internationally while giving back to these communities.



I have always strongly believed that many of the world’s problems- racism, inequality and poverty- would be solved if we truly got to know one another, if we understood each other and our cultures- it would unite us, connect us on a human level. Each of those works of art not only has its own story but can also give us a tremendous insight into their cultural heritage. This art can be a bridge between cultures: we understand, then we respect and finally we love and embrace each other’s culture.

Galiatea’s vision is that design and art can dispel ignorance and stimulate economic growth in developing countries. Our team is committed to offering one-of-a-kind, exceptionally crafted quality products with innovative contemporary design while increasing awareness of artisan communities globally.


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