Health & Wealth Self Care-Package: Black Friday Offer


Calling all who aspire to be Healthy and Wealthy...we have the perfect self-care package for you to get Physically and Financially Fit for a great start to 2021! 

If the Covid crisis has taught us anything, it’s revealed the great importance of self-care.  Self care in our physical health and the equal importance in our financial health.  They go hand in hand!  

Instead of waiting for your New Year’s resolutions, how about starting early on the journey to financial peace, feeling and looking fit, full of energy, and relaxed at the same time?

Take action NOW to start 2021 in better shape physically, monetarily, and frame of mind! 

Whether you are living paycheck to paycheck and running out of money before the month ends, paying too much in taxes, or feeling low energy and too tired to work out, we have solutions! - Real solutions that work.

Join us, Ronnie, Sophia, Tina, Andrew, Lisa and Jenn! We are a group of experts in diverse fields - opening up and sharing our personal experiences, expertise, and nurturing gifts: the "Health & Wealth Self Care-Package" especially for you.

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Sneak Peak at what our Black Friday Special will provide

  • Financial Fitness Bootcamp by Lisa Williams, Wealth Mentor and Business Matchmaker
  • 10 Day Total Mind and Body Detox by Jenn Waller
  • 6 week bootcamp; how to eat healthy and hit your fitness goals through the holidays and be set up for 2021 by Andrew Columbini
  • Intuitive Reading/Spiritual Coaching by Tina Anderson
  • Feel Vibrant, Sexy, In Control & FIT with Fitness Analysis & Tailored  Nutrition/Workout Plan & Accountability by Valentines & Spring! By Ronnie Loaiza
  • Create connection and love in your home during the holidays by Sophia Clark


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