Statement Pieces: Armchairs

Armchairs...More Than Just Seating. Rather, A Way To Change A Room Whenever Your Mood Desires!

Every living room has a different look, especially because the furniture chosen for these rooms reflect varying personalities. The character and personality of a person is seen in the manner a room is designed or decorated.

One of the most important ways to get valuable design inspiration for a room is from a statement armchair that can create a significant transformation! This is how to instantly express a unique personality.

There are many benefits to using a carefully selected statement armchair. It is the kind of furniture that can instantly dress up a living room and effortlessly change a living room’s aesthetic.

Fun Fact: The word ‘chair’ comes from the Latin word ‘cathedra’, which means to sit

One effortless way to change the style of a room is to add varied textures. For example, you may choose to display an armchair that offers an interesting texture such as a luxurious velvet fabric. Alternatively, you may want to consider placing a brown leather statement chair in one corner of your living room to create a more traditional touch.

Armchairs can bring sophistication to a living room, making it appear comfy and visually appealing. By adding comfort and beautify to your interior design, armchairs of any style are an important decorative element.

One of the key reasons why armchairs are a wise choice for creating interest in a space is that if you ever tire of the print or fabric that has been selected, the chair can be reupholstered. This will allow you to completely change the look of your chair and your living room. The best part? You can do so without having to purchase new furniture for your living room. And, don’t forget you can also update the look of an armchair by changing out pillows and throws that are used for accent.

Fun Fact: The first chair dates back around 5000 years, back to the times of Ancient Egypt. During this time, only VIPs used them. Chairs didn’t become popular until the 16th century; before that, people used to sit on the floor at all times.

Armchairs can also be used to create interest in a room when their style, color or materials express a unique personality and personal sense of style. For example, even if the rest of a living room features muted hues, a bright armchair can be easily placed and will immediately brighten up the living room. If the bulk of furniture pieces are black, white, beige or grey adding a bright statement armchair in a bright shade can completely bring the room to life. Not only can colored armchairs be used as a bold addition to a room’s area, they can also offer the bonus benefit of adding additional seating.

When incorporating armchairs into a room’s design, it is important to consider the following:

  • First, determine the function the seating will have.

  • Who will be using the armchair? This will determine the shape and fabric (if children and pets are using it, use a more performance base fabric).

  • There is an accent armchair for every style, so keep your design style in mind to create a cohesive look with the rest of the room. But this is also the opportunity to create a pop through fabric (use an accent fabric such as a pop of color, different texture or print).

  • It's a great opportunity to either reinforce a theme or color palette for a space or introduce a new pattern or silhouette.

  • To warm up a space use natural fabrics or leathers.

Keep in mind the proportion to the room and other furniture, and maintain comfortable distances between each piece of furniture (for good traffic flow consider 18" from an accent chair to a coffee table).

Fun Fact: Cushions are largely used for decorative purposes today, but in the 16th century when chairs were hard, cushions were an absolutely essential item. Just imagine having to sit on a stone or wooden chair for hours on end. It was during the 17th century that upholstered chairs with padded seating thankfully came into fashion.

Remember, armchairs are the all–star utility infielders of decorating: They're key players in any room, can change positions easily and pinch–hit wherever needed. From statement silhouettes to slipper seats, here's the rundown on styles of armchairs and great ways to decorate with them.


What it is: Any chair with a strong silhouette, scale or color that makes an impact + elevates the space.

Where to use it: Where it will be spotlighted: in an entrance hall, in front of a window or to add a little drama to a space.

Try: Using to add a spark of color or pattern.



What it is: A chair on a swivel base, such as an upholstered armchair.
Where to use it: Give this style a spin anywhere you want comfort in motion–it's great for TV viewing, conversation or versatile room arrangements such as in a family room.
Try: Using swivel chairs in a small space for versatility.





What it is: An armless, low chair that can slip into smaller spaces.

Where to use it: It's often used in bedrooms, where its lower seat makes it ideal for "slipping" on shoes, but it's great any place where space is tight or you want an open, airy feel.

Try: Floating a pair in the center of a room, where their armless style takes up less visual weight.



What it is: With an embracing, fully curved back, this profile is low, chic, comfortable and makes a strong design statement.

Where to use it: Its soft curves make it a natural for the bedroom, but its style quotient makes it living room–worthy as well.

Try: A pair to create a conversation group at one end of a room.


What it is: A high–backed armchair with sheltering "wings" at the top, this chair was originally designed to block cold drafts and cozy up by the fire. Consider a more streamlined, modern version of this classic silhouette.

Where to use it: Wing chairs are great for adding height and a distinctive silhouette. Use a pair to balance the scale of a sectional or large sofa, or place one in a corner to create a reading nook.

Try: Using a pair as host chairs at the dining table.


Fun Fact: There is no mention of chairs in the Bible, though Shakespeare mentioned them eight times in Henry VI Part III alone.

Armchairs have multiple purposes in a design. The can draw attention or blend into the background in a room. These spaces can incorporate armchairs that are both dramatic and understated to create visual balance. The beauty of an armchair is that it can be part of a living room set that matches the sofa and love seat, or it could have a contrasting style designed to complement or accent the rest of the room.

Armchairs provide more than additional seating when used to decorate a room. Individually they can add style, color and texture to a room; collectively they can provide a functional, decorative furniture arrangement. Consider the available space in your room when decorating. Armchairs that are not in proportion with the room size can make the entire room look awkward and off balance.

Armchairs are a versatile piece of any room’s design. Armchairs are a great way to add interest and functionality in a room. Interest because an armchair allows the use of more daring upholstery or more intense colors that may not fit with the size of a sofa. And functionality because armchairs are easier to move.

When decorating a room, many elements are involved. Sofas, chairs, tables, rugs, soft furnishings, textures, materials, color palettes, etc. Adding armchairs to a room’s décor can be fun, and the best news is that it doesn’t have to break the bank. Armchairs provide not just extra seating but are a great way to add a new silhouette, style reference, or color to any room. Enjoy adding an armchair, or changing up an existing chair, to boost a room’s décor. And, send us your before and after pics. We’d love to see what you accomplish!

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