Time to reflect on the past year – and look ahead to the new one

The end of the year is a time to reflect, take stock of the year past, and plan for the year ahead. December is a time to honor and remember all we did (or, in this year, did not do), but also a time to be thankful as we celebrate holidays and plan for the coming year.

2020 was unprecedented. Unlike no other year in our history. A year that we will all look back on and say to the next generations: “I survived 2020 and best remember it for…”!

A year has passed and it brought challenges and opportunities like no other. 2020 often felt like it would never end. And yet, it feels like a nano-moment since the last year-end reflection this time in 2019. Not surprising – our lives, work and society move at an unprecedented pace. Even in a year when all else seemed to come to a standstill.

As we prepare for a fresh start and the beginning of a much-anticipated 2021, we wanted to take a moment and reflect on the past year,


What went well? As many of us push to put 2020 behind us, it's far too easy to bypass the wins and the good that comes within any year. At Galiatea, we certainly had amazing wins this year.

We have continued working with under-represented artisans from across the globe to benefit them individually and their communities. This year we added limited edition items handmade by artisans in Rwanda, Uganda, Turkey, Nepal, Cambodia and Laos to The Galiatea Collection. As a result, items purchased are now benefitting these additional artisans’ communities. 10% of our profits go back to all of our artisan communities in the form of educational supplies, continued education and infrastructure development, so that artisans not only survive, but thrive thanks to their art.

This year we also saw the opportunity to expand our product range within The Galiatea Collection. The result? More luxury furniture and unique accessories handmade by our artisans using techniques passed down through the generations.⁠ And, these items are created using each community's locally-sourced, sustainable materials. From raffia to cashmere and alpaca.

Throughout the year we have continued with our activities and events, using a variety of ways to stay connected with all of you. We have been a part of national media, including Furniture Today, and continue to seek ways to share our insights on a wide variety of topics.

We also grew our team to better serve our partners, clients, designers, artisans and all others that Galiatea touches each day. I thank the staff, our artisans and our network of partners for their commitment and dedication to not missing a beat in these unprecedented times.

What surprised us? Politics aside, life is always full of surprises. Whether for better or otherwise, the skills of the day are adaptability, heartiness, and resourcefulness. And boy did we need these in 2020! Because of COVID, like many businesses, we made a shift and moved into the digital space, going 100% virtual and opening up the unique luxury furniture and accessories in The Galiatea Collection to the public!⁠

We wanted to make these unique handmade items accessible to everyone, not just designers. And decided to move online and open up our hand-crafted items to consumers so that they might directly purchase a piece of luxury craftsmanship. We also added the ability to include design services and an online consultation into offerings.

As part of our move into the digital space, we expanded our website, www.galiatea.com, and started our Design In-Sights podcast. Season 2 will be released soon! We published blog posts offering tips, tricks and fun facts about a wide variety of topics: how to select throws,

decorative pillows, sunburst mirrors, armchairs and more. The blog also provides an inside look at each country that products in The Galiatea Collection come from. The blog is an interesting quick read each week that offers tidbits of info you may not know. Check them out for more inspiration!⁠

We launched Lifestyle by Galiatea, a weekly digital publication about all things

travel and design. Sign up now to have inspiration sent right to your email!


I was also a featured speaker at several online events this year, including the most recent 21 Day Holiday Countdown! We are also lining up even more collaborations in the New Year.

What did this year teach us? Every experience for better or worse can be a 'teacher' if we use it well. We had so many insights, knowledge and skills gained and this year. From you, our clients, and from so many others.

We hosted the very successful Abundance By Design two-day summit, featuring 15 world renown industry leaders. From organizers, to professors and designers, these experts discussed how to optimize your space so you can thrive mentally, physically and financially. Six lucky registrants who upgraded to our VIP ACCESS to the summit won our amazing vacations to places like Las Vegas, Rio de Janeiro, Bali and Santorini, Greece.

All of these activities gave the entire team the chance to grow and learn about how to successfully participate in the online space.

2020 was the year of… 2020 was distinctive and memorable, to say the least. Whether good or bad, the year was full of stand-out experiences and lessons that will change how we live and work forever.


Whatever the future brings, all of us at Galiatea will continue to make unique pieces with a soul part of your life and your space. We are excitedly looking forward to 2021 and all the things we are rolling out in just the first quarter.

In January alone, we are offering a mini-masterclass, How To Set Up Your Home For Success and Receive Abundance In The New Year. We are bringing Feng Shui together with design into goal setting for your space to create a décor that works with your vision for 2021. At a minimum, merging Feng Shui and design can save time and money down the road.

We are also launching a 12-week workshop that will reveal so many design tips and tricks that can be put to immediate use. The workshop will kick off with establishing where you are starting from and determining your why for decorating decisions; followed by setting your vision and discovering your style; and then reviewing how to bring good energy into a space. The following weeks deep dive into the 8 layers of decorating. There are so many tools and resources that will be made available throughout the workshop. This is a definite "must attend" for those who know very little or who are experienced decorators. There's something of value for everyone!

In conjunction with the workshop is the release of our ebook scheduled for the first quarter 2021. We will also be holding additional summits later in 2021. We are in the planning stages for it and encourage you to let us know any topics you want to see presented.

We will be including even more items in The Galiatea Collection in 2021, handmade by artisans from additional countries. We are always looking at what is happening to our customers and artisans, so that we can be of better service in the coming year and to have an even bigger impact on the world.

This time of year is full of celebration and reflection. It’s been a difficult year; everyone has struggled in some way. 2020 has shown that by staying focused on our mission and working together, we have hope and can achieve even greater things in 2021.

We continue to live for the Galiatea mission that we can create something better through our artisans and, in the process, stay connected. It is even more important to stay connected and to be united in purpose…together.

If, in a year from now, we look back and see that we have spread love, positivity, connection and found a way for all to feel heard and valued, then 2021 will be a successful year. It starts with each of us. We have the ability to make an impact larger than we realize. Each small act of service in each of our own universes can have an impact on a much larger scale. Small acts can create shifts in a profound way.

Let’s start fresh together! And see what the future holds!!! More importantly, we wish you and your family and friends a lovely holiday season and that you find time to cherish what truly matters in life. We also hope that 2021 brings you great happiness and sees a return to some sort of normalcy. From all of us at Galiatea, we are looking to the future with optimism. And, we wish for you a very Happy New Year!

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