A Very Different Thanksgiving, We Are Grateful...

It’s the eve of Thanksgiving for us here in the U.S. And this year, for many families including my own, it looks a little different than it has in the past.

There are a lot of things about 2020 that have been a mystery. In fact, it's been a year that for most of us, little has gone as planned. You don't need me to tell you this is shaping up to be a very different Thanksgiving - just like everything else this year. But just because this Thanksgiving is different, doesn’t mean we don’t have an endless supply of things to be thankful for. Today's blog post is about gratitude and, yes, thanks.

As difficult as this year has been, fighting through COVID, working from home, home schooling, layoffs, and the economic crisis, we all have many things to be thankful for. 

In spite of the adversity we’ve all faced this year, this has been a time where many of us are more engaged and in touch with each other - and ourselves. 

This time of year, more than any other, many of us ask ourselves, What am I grateful for?

Or, often, What could I be grateful for?

All of us here at Galiatea have endless things to be grateful for this year.

What 2020 has highlighted, in a significant way, are the things that truly matter: love, connection and well-being. Life is a gift that we often take for granted and nothing is a given, so we must savor and be present for each moment because it can be so easily taken away or altered.

This is our time to stay connected with YOU and to give thanks, to reflect and to hope. Our ongoing commitment to you is to always be a safe haven for embracing differences, further foster love and connection in the home and encourage and promote cultural awareness, appreciation and integration into the home through design.

Our hope for you in this coming year is that you are happy, healthy and safe. Because the truth is, life is so special and sacred – EVERY DAY deserves to be appreciated and celebrated…

And hopefully, we'll all feel that sense of gratitude and appreciation for our families, our friends, and those in all of our worlds.

And yes, feel more thankful. And, celebrate each day.

Have a wonderful, peaceful, and safe holiday weekend.

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