In this world in crisis, Galiatea would like to thank the heroes that surrounds us, those on the front lines: the nurses, the doctors, the police, as well as the truckers, the grocers…and so many fighting to help us overcome this terrible pandemic. Unfortunately, no one is safe …not even our humble artisans working daily to survive. Thank you for remembering them all: from the heroes to the artisans and their families.


How to help in your community

Commit: Purchase an annual membership to your favorite arts venue, museum or cultural heritage site to show them you’re in it for the long run.

Collect: Support local artisans by buying their work as gifts, or purchase other merchandise to support local acts.

Follow: Your favorite arts venue may be offering in special online programs during coronavirus restrictions. Follow and interact to show they’re making an impact.

Tune in: Search for and participate in virtual events from your favorite musicians or venues (even museums and galleries may offer some).



 If you would like to show support of our artisans, we encourage you to purchase a gift card!

Galiatea Gift Card


Please consider donating to the following organizations that provide vital resources and support to the under represented communities around the world.




As COVID-19 spreads, it poses a grave danger, especially in communities with struggling health systems. Vulnerable people will be hit the hardest by the outbreak: it could drive families deeper into hunger and poverty.  




COVID-19 affects the people we assist every day—people with disabilities or chronic health conditions, people with injuries, refugees, and especially older people.
Many of our 2.1 million beneficiaries live in poverty and regularly experience exclusion. We are particularly concerned for the refugees and displaced people our donors help look after. Often living in packed camps, with limited access to sinks or buckets for hand washing, they are at high risk contracting the coronavirus.
These individuals have the right to the same protections and care as everyone else.




This organization of first responders is providing training, supplies and emergency medical response planning for at-risk countries.






20,000 of the poorest households in the poorest countries need lifesaving hygiene items right now. CARE’s Emergency Surge Fund is distributing soap, water, and more, and is installing 10,000 handwashing stations to protect the most vulnerable from COVID-19 and other deadly diseases.




Long before the rise of COVID-19, PATH was already working with its partners to strengthen health systems and support safer, more secure communities in the face of health emergencies. Your support will help to ensure that the PATH team can strengthen epidemic preparedness, global health security, and improve health equity around the world.